The Wade Photo Archive / Transoxiana / Samarkand / Ulugbek Madrasa (Registan Complex) / TRA 0528

Minarets of the Sherdor Madrasa have muqarnas decorated with painted tiles. While minarets of the Ulugbek madrasa have muqarnas adorned with cut mosaic. Besides that, the Sherdor muqarnas units crowned with curved arcs, while Ulugbek muqarnas units crowned with rectilinear “caps” imitating arcs

Contribution by Rajen Astho

Catalog Number TRA 0528
Region Transoxiana
Town Samarkand
Monument Ulugbek Madrasa (Registan Complex)
Dynasty Shaybanid / Khan Princedoms
CE / AH 1636 / 1045
Canon Geometric Pattern
Floriated Arabesque
Feature Minarets
Medium Ceramic Tiles, Mosaic & Pottery
Glazed Brickwork
Image credit David Wade