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Design Workshops and Courses

The Art of Islamic Pattern
Founded in 2008 by Adam Williamson and Richard Henry, this UK-based group of practising artists and craftsmen offer courses and workshops on Islamic Art & Design in London and international study trips to a variety of locations, including Istanbul, Morocco, Granada and Cairo.
Eric Broug, Broug Designs
The UK-based author Eric Broug offers workshops and an online course in Islamic Design.
Samira Mian
A budding artist and experienced educator with a passion for Islamic Geometry offering workshops & courses in and around London as well as online.

Highly Recommended
An unsurpassed resource for every aspect of Islamic architecture.
Dr. Peter Cromwell
Information on publications and mathematical analysis by Dr. Peter Cromwell.
An extensive database that provides a comprehensive collection of geometric tiling patterns, and the means of locating them
Nonagons in the Hagia Sophia and the Selimye Mosque
Antonia Redondo Buitrago & Dirk Huylebrouck

Other Useful Sites
'An open door to the Arab world'
A huge U.S. based digital library with donations from many major museums; holds a high-resolution selection of Wade-Archive images
Author of 'Arabesques: Decorative Art in Morocco'
Computer-generated Islamic star-patterns; Craig Kaplan
'The Museum With No Frontiers'; an extensive virtual museum with a Permanent Collection and regular Exhibitions
The Islamic Art Network: excellent Egypt specific site

Relevant on-line Articles

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