Drawings, Diagrams and Analyses

This section includes drawings and analytical material from:

  • J. Bourgoin, ‘Les Elements de l’art Arabe’, Paris, 1879
  • Nick Crossling, ‘An Investigation into 10-fold patterns’ [prev. unpublished] - contact: nickcrossling@yahoo.co.uk
  • E. Hanbury Hankin, ‘Methods of Design’etc. 1905, 1925, 1934, 1936
  • David Wade, ‘Crystal & Dragon’, Bideford, 1991; ‘Geometric Pattern & Borders, London, 1982; Pattern in Islamic Art, London, 1976
  • The Mirza Akbar architectural scrolls, a collection of 19th century architectural drawings from Iran (courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum).
  • The Topkapi Scrolls, a collection of original architectural drawings dating from the Timurid, late-Medieval period (Courtesy of the Topkapi Scrolls Museum Library, Istanbul, Turkey).
  • Mahmood Maher al-Naqsh, ‘The Design and Execution of drawings in Iranian Tilework’, Reza Abbasi Museum, Teheran, 1983.

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