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    Slideshows by Region

    The subject of Islamic art and architecture is extensive, covering, as it does, a huge geographical area and fifteen centuries of development. The images presented in these Slideshows are all selected from the Main Archive…

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    Main Archive by Region

    The greater part of this collection of examples of Islamic decorative art consists of my own photographs, gathered in a series of trips to many of the principle Islamic regions over a twenty-year period…

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    Peripheral Material

    Many forms of artistic expression evolved in the extended Islamic world over the centuries, but certain aesthetic preferences seem to have exerted a stylistic influence wherever the Islamic presence was felt…

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    The principle way to see Islamic art outside Islamic countries is, of course, in museums. Many of these collections are magnificent; those of London, New York, Paris and Berlin are deservedly famous, and there are many fine collections in Islamic countries themselves…

  • Grand Mosquée de Paris

    Grand Mosquée de Paris

    This mosque, which was founded in 1926, was built in recognition of the contribution of Muslim soldiers from French colonies during World War I, of whom some 100,000 gave their lives. It is built in a Neo-Mudejar style, with contributions from both Morocco and Algeria.

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